Spreading the warmth on Valentine’s Day!

Check out the beautiful gandhiwarmer 2011 video by Christophile Konstas!!

Love it, warms my heart again and again : ] YAY gandhiwarming!!


GWDC 2011 photos and press

In NBC Washington! ‘Altruistic Celebrate Gandhiwarming ’11’

Gandhitopia – repost of NBC’s article

The 42, ‘Gandhi-warming, Commemorates Non-violent Indian Leader’

Times of India – Repost of the 42

This Chickadee blogspot, All you need is warmth

The Prince of Petworth – 5pm post

DC Centric on WAMU – A gandhiwarming on Sunday


Thank you for all of the wonderful write ups, beautiful documentation, and also for all of the tweeting warmth!! : ]

Photos by:

Holly Brown on flickr

Megan Williams/Myself on flickr