Gandhiwarmer 2011 in dc!

Still feeling warm from this past Sunday!! It was another heartwarming success, hooray dear amigas of K1-D2! : ]


woolies update..

update from super sleuth in nyc: the park service peeps didn’t take down gandhi’s gear.. who did then? who’s fibbin? hopefully the woolens ended up with someone who needed them then! whoever you are please post pics if you see/gottem!  wow, was four weeks ago now, sending love to you dear gandhi, may spring come soon!! [sentimental recap with pics from meg below, thanks meg!!]

three weeks ago, where to warm next?

it’s already been three weeks since the union square event!  am thinking of where to set up the next warming..dc, london, moscow? amsterdam, wow, maybe i could do in chronological order by statue date?  or by order of community need? or? i am open to suggestions! a couple of links to lists of gandhi statues around the world, here & here

hear the monkeypigeon!

he hangs with gandhi at union square, video capture just posted at youtube

gandhiwarmer blurb on

my kickass knit night group, k1d2, has a posting on gandhiwarmer by my knit moniker, knitface, the blog is here, beaucoup beautiful knit projects on the site.

Truly Good

There is nothing more powerful than acting on the impulse of human kindness and putting that action on display. It is the essence of the example of the life of the Mahatma. It is the essence of the example of the life of Martin Luther King or Jesus Christ. When we all act up and do something small but pure the world will absolutely run over with warmth and love and good feeling. Be sure. You can knit hope. You can wrap the cold, bronze effigy of a man dead half a century and warm the living beating hearts of dozens of souls today. I might sit here and feel shame at my own inaction, but I might do something. Thanks for reminding me that I had that choice, Tippy.

Christopher McBrayer

gandhiwarmer trailer by meg mingione, full video by nikki price coming soon!

anyhow, please check meg’s awesome video! [nik & neil- do you hear the monkey pigeon there in the background?! :]


carroll garden’s excellent local yarn shop, la casita!

a shout out for the awesome ladies at the cozy local knit shop/ cafe la casita!! fireplace, cafe, and beautiful yarns to boot! definitely check them out!  cafe serves empanadas, beer, wine, cheese plates, cupcakes!!  brilliant!!

below my prized purchase of this beautiful chilean yarn :]

if you wanna tweetaleet

this is me on twitter, so cool to see tweeting about gandhiwarmer!!

best feeling ever

i believe this is the most gratifying project i have worked on!!
it’s all about the giving.

thank you for the beautiful pics nikki, holly, meg, and mark!!

on the way to replenish the scarves to giveaway…

photo below by nikki price: