making a hat and scarf for gandhi..

this idea originated while i was a graduate student of industrial design at pratt in 2003, walking past the snow-bound gandhi in union square. in the wintertime our dear fellow looks so cold, he’s wearing only sandals and draped in bronzed homespun cloth for the cold, cold new york winter.

early in 2009 i learned how to knit so that i could help gandhi be a little warmer in the quiet blanket of snow, by finally making him that wool scarf and hat. my dear friends and ladies of K1D2 taught me how & i am ever so grateful!

for the first gandhiwarmer in nyc [2010], team gandhiwarmer as well as the generous, giving people in richmond, va and nyc donated hats and scarves for passers-by who needed. this was such a wonderful, heartwarming success!! [also turned out to be the coldest day of the year 15 degrees! brrrrr..]

we did the second year in DC, with a friendly visit from the secret service!

our third annual in 2012 took place Atlanta at the MLK center in honor of Troy Davis. where will be next…

photography, filming & team gandhiwarmer each year:

2012 – nikki price, holly brownchristophile konstas, team gandhiwarmer: K1D2, Jada Jackson, Charlie Chasen, & Jamie Collins

2011 – nikki price, holly brownmeg mingione, & christophile konstas
team gandhiwarmer: K1D2, erik sandberg, megan williams, moi, & awesome bansuri flute performance by the talented Rishi Das!

2010 – nikki price, holly brown, meg mingione, and generous surprise guest mark crosby
links to flickr sites here: nikki’sholly’s, & mine. with a bold, finger-cracking in the coldest weather ever heartwarming sitar performance by the amazing gian carlo!!!!

link to my dear knit group’s blog, K1D2

more about moi here,

which gandhi statue will be warmed next? …..


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