Third gandhiwarming in Atlanta, still feelin’ the love

Thank you warm, wonderful people in Atlanta, we absolutely loved meeting you & had the most delightful time visiting your amazing city. I think this may have been the most intimate warming to date, this year’s felt smaller and more personal, we feel honored to have met you.

This was also our first warm weather warming & I must admit that it was kind of nice to not get a touch of the frostbite or climb an icy ladder on a sheet of ice : ) Although we’ll be happy to do it again, not complaining a bit.

Special thanks to Kashi Atlanta for letting us in even though they were closed in order to get a candle for the warming, so very kind! And to the sweetest hosts and new friends Charlie & Jamie, we are all so happy to now know you!! Thank you for bringing us to the most amazing spots around town, had the best time at Radial, Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room, & Daddy D’z bbq – we all fell in love with Atlanta.

We traveled in from Richmond, VA and New Orleans, LA and those that couldn’t make the trip this year we missed you! Team gandhiwarmer is made up of the fabulous K1-D2 and myself & is a collaboration of lots of warmth, scarf sections for Gandhi, Gandhi’s hat, gift hats & scarves, and knit flowers from members in RVA, Portland, Philly, and the Virgin Islands. : ) ..please notice the beautiful heart included in this section knit by Lisa Hardin Gay [below, it’s in the lower portion of the end of the scarf]

This year’s warming was held at the MLK center and in honor of Troy Davis. There was actually a meeting at the center on the same day held in honor of Mr. Davis and discussing the death penalty. There were over a hundred people gathered, many wearing cyan shirts which said ‘WE ARE TROY DAVIS’. It was incredibly humbling to be there and at Martin Luther King Junior’s site.

Some of the best parts of gandhiwarming each year are seeing who picks up the scarf that you made to give away, seeing the delight on someone’s face when they see Gandhi in his handmade woolies.. it’s a magic and basic joy, a goodness that you feel from performing this simple act. After the warming ceremony and celebrating with a beer down the street, Nikki said ‘All is right with the world’ and for those moments you truly feel it is so. We all know there are good things and bad things simultaneously around the world at every moment.. but following gandhiwarmer you do simply feel a calm and at peace.That the goodness which we just created actually made the good pile a little higher if you could actually stack all of the good and the bad in the world. The amazing thing is that this goodness is really so simple and it actually creates joy that easily spreads and other people want to do more of the same.

Part of it too is getting out of the routine, doing something that breaks the typical cycle. Highlighting that it is indeed possible to change the way that things ‘are’. I know that we all feel an actual buzz for weeks afterwards and are already excited again for the next year!

One of the most moving moments was with a woman leaving the Troy Davis meeting, when she saw Gandhi-warmed she stopped in her tracks and spread her arms.. declaring how wonderful! She asked who did this and I went up to talk with her, she then asked me why I did this and I explained the backstory to gandhiwarming, she was just so touched by it and said ‘You keep on doing what you’re doing woman’. Thinking of it makes me tear up again, she was so heartwarming. I watched as a tear slowly rolled down her face, actually glistening in the sun & thought, it is a beautiful world – so incredible to have this powerfully human moment, with someone I’ve never met before. Our paths met for those moments, sometimes feelings are stronger than anything you can actually say, words can actually muck it all up. I think a lot of those moments tend to happen in tragic times, so it’s wonderful to have them in a positive and hopeful light. She brought me to tears that day because she was so moved and so open and so.. loving.

It’s such an honor to simply give Gandhi a gift,

and truly I think this image shows the joy we felt best : )

More images and movie coming soon.. thank you

[photos shown here by holly brown, christophile konstas, & tippy tippens]

Love when i get to meet my giftee : )

We also were humbled to meet the fellows in the image far left, who gathered for the warming. They were from all over the world including Pakistan and Afghanistan and in training for combat at a local military base. The young man we met from Afghanistan asked to take a scarf as a memento of the warming, then swiftly and beautifully tied it into a turban on his head. All the best to you men from around the globe and please may you stay safe : )


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