Dedication of this year’s gandhiwarmer to the people of Egypt

Today is an incredible day, the sounds of people celebrating in Tahir Square is ..awe inspiring on a basic level of humanity.  Five zillion cheers to their dedication, solidarity, and courage!!! ‘Finally we are free’ – a quote from this article in the BBC, says it all and is profound in its power.  I have been trying to define the emotions this brings up for me today, because freedom should be so basic shouldn’t it and the feeling I get in hearing their rejoicing is hard to pin down.  I know I am filled with awe, inspiration, pride for the people of Egypt as a fellow person, glee for their new freedom, and excitement for their new possibility to take steps for change which are now finally ahead. Another quote that is sticking with me from the BBC broadcasts is from a young woman interviewed about her involvement in the peaceful protests, she said ‘You can do it, but you must want it badly enough.’ Heartfelt cheers from New Orleans, I can only imagine the sheer elation and tangible energy going through the cheering crowds.


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