less than 48 hours..

I received a snapshot of the beautiful assembled garland to drape along gandhi’s tootsies and it totally made my week! [photo below] my dear amigas of k1-d2 totally outdid themselves : )

Thank you to Prince of Petworth in DC for the blogpost today!

Also, here’s a link to the event on facebook.  So here’s to things going well and safe travels for all traveling in for the warming and we are all so very thrilled to be doing a second gandhiwarmer this year!! [it will now be an annual event, each year in a different locay]

With the seventy degree weather today in New Orleans, I’m about to pack all of my winter woolies from my NYC and Wisco days, brrr!  I hear from our dc contact already arrived, Knitorious M.E.G., that things are very chilly, snow is upon the ground, and Gandhi looks cooooold! We’re on the waaaay dear frozen, bronze Gandhi!

Looking very forward to seeing you there!  If you can, bring a hat or scarf to give away or flowers for gandhi’s celebration, cheers!

such beautiful work!

casting off the 40″ in diameter hat! : ]

haha! here’s hoping this is the perfect fit for 8’8″ Gandhi : ]


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