Warming getting very close!

Tomorrow makes the warming one week away!!  Getting really excited about this in DC and we have some collaborators in regional yarn shops that are collecting hats & spreading the word!

In DC: Looped Yarn Works and Fibre Space and in RVA: The Yarn Lounge

Also – last year’s warming is included in the online dictionary ‘wordnik’ for ‘knitster’!! Love that : ]

Wow, last year’s warming was the coldest day of the year at like 15 degrees? Brrrrr, am curious about the weather for this year’s warming!  Speaking of Gandhi in NYC’s Union Square, I heard from my dear friend Lisa that Gandhi is looking very chilly these days – I wish that whoever ended up w/ Gandhi’s woolens would put them back on him for a bit!  I hate to think of Gandhi looking cold : [

My dear ladies & cohorts of K1-D2 are busy knitting Gandhi’s scarf and a beautiful flower garland to place around his feet.  Below are a couple of process pics of Gandhi’s hat, this year I’m knitting sans pattern and started from the top.  Over the holidays while visiting friends, I got started on Gandhi’s hat and a few buddies from K1-D2 came over for an impromptu knit.  At first, I tried to start w/ a pattern from ravelry & on the circular’s [doi to big to start with!] and then moved to the double pointeds and decided to wing it.

I finally got the hang of the DPN’s [like that knitting lingo hmm!] and learned to stop dropping my extra needle, what is this fourth one for again?!! : ]  The hat for this year is inspired loosely by the roof of a hindu temple, while wanting to keep it basic for Gandhi’s wishes, and I got this beautiful hunk of green eco yarn at my local shop in NOLA.  Please excuse the mess around the hat in the photo below, things are really busy here with BirdProject and for an upcoming recycling/trash awareness sculpture for Tulane’s Green Team : ]

I am looking very forward to next weekend and am thrilled to give Gandhi in DC his winter woolies and cold passers-by some warmth by hats and scarves and hats collected or made by all those mentioned above!! GWDC!


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