psychology of heroism project by philip zimbardo

article in the guardian by aditya chakrabortty discussing philip zimbardo’s new research studying the psychology of heroism and what makes ordinary people do great things. also, discovering how to encourage this socio-conscious [instead of ego-conscious] behavior in society. link to heroism project here and nice quote from matt langdon who works with zimbardo on the project referring to what he tells the teenagers involved in the project “I always tell them that the opposite of a hero isn’t a villain – it’s a bystander,”

also ted talk by zimbardo on how people in the same situations can act towards evil, nothing or apathetically, or heroistically.  most of heroism project discussed at end & beware- earlier on in video there are images of abu graib which are sad and disturbing.

on a lighter note..article in the times by peter gutuirrez w/ a preview of the panel discussion tomorrow about why superheroes are atracted to new york, ach, if i were in town this week i would go!! deets: “New York, the Super-City”: panel discussion with Danny Fingeroth, Gene Kanenberg Jr., Frank Tieri, Billy Tucci and Peter Gutiérrez. Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., New York Center for Independent Publishing, 20 West 44th Street.

hmm heroes..


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