a wonderful resistance

today a…., i’m looking for the words to appropriately describe this group of people, the WBC or westboro baptist church, i don’t know what happened to these people, but it is heartbreaking and vastly disturbing to see so much effort being put into hatred of other people, mostly anti-semitic and towards homosexuals.  anyhow, today a wonderful thing happened when hundreds of richmonders came out to the various locations that the WBC members set-up to flaunt their hatred. these awesome peeps showed their disapproval of WBC and their love towards those that the WBC came to town to be ‘against’.

makes my heart soar and brings a tear to my eye to imagine the strength of the crowd, sadly i am working towards a deadline and so couldn’t skip the work to be done.  oh i how i would have loved to participated, but i am so proud and feel so happy about the honourable resistance that happened today!!   link to an article in the times dispatch, lovely quote from jay ipson “I feel like I’m 25 feet tall, because this community is standing behind one another in love, not in hate,”

thank you and grandest, gung-ho, gargantuan kudos to pennies in protest, put together by Sarah Allen-Short, Sara Heifetz, Jessica Lucia, and Patience Salgado who collected $10,000 from the Richmond area over the past few days to donate to the very sites which WBC intended to harm today via their brilliant website!! donation site is open til friday if you want to give an anti-wbc penny or two!!  so inspiring and beautifully done!! jahoooo!!

pics on flickr, photo below by jessica lucia, jay ipson in cowboy hat at center of photo

4 thoughts on “a wonderful resistance

  1. I’m so touched by your description of the way Richmond pulled together! Thank you for your kind words. We know you were here in spirit.

  2. oh, i’m so glad you like & thank you, def. was sending the good vibes over that day :] what you all accomplished is so great!!

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