wyell, still trying to get in touch with the park manager to see if i might retrieve gandhi’s woolens..funny it snowed after they had been removed, but the whole event went so well, giving up the snow part is like good luck. [for steven, leaving some for freberia:]

i have a haiku a day project, so below are a couple gandhiwarming related ones, please don’t laugh :]

peacock blue, burnished bronze:

warm wool melts frozen metal,

basic happiness.

such joy brought, to give.

wonder, magic, time stood still

frozen yet warmed full.


One thought on “2.3.2010

  1. oh, dangalang.
    i ‘m crossing my fingers in hopes that you are able to get the knits back from the park manager, tippy. 36 hours on the coldest weekend of the year WAS a good run, though. gluck auf!!

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