2.1.2010 5.30 pm

aargh, sad to report that gandhi’s scarf and hat has been taken down.  i have been trying to contact the park manager, so was waiting to report back w/ the news, as soon i find out if i may retrieve will let you know, i asked one of the vendors near his statue as he was packing it up, he told me that park manager took it down about 4pm..more as i find out..too bad, looked like it might be up there for a while..at least we got a great 36 über warm hours!!

although gandhi doesn’t look as warm now, i’m still feeling the warmth and glow from saturday’s event, i had not anticipated how happy it would make me! seeing people who were chilly get scarves and smiles on people’s faces spreading as walking by has been the most gratifying thing i believe i have ever done.

below is a pic to continue that warming feeling although gandhi’s statue isn’t as warm as it was when toasty in hand knitteds made with love :] the man w/ the black and white was the first giftee and so happy for that scarf!! also pics of yesterday, with new scarves out front  & wondering if gandhi’s gear is in that park service truck…

i will continue to leave scarves at gandhi’s gate & i think that’s a wonderful way to keep this fire going! if you can, please bring some too!


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