was still up as of  8pm sunday, i replenished some scarves earlier in the day and one had been taken by 8 pm, will report back soon on today’s status.  **if you have scarves or hats to donate, please still bring them, set inside of the gate in front of gandhi!

i love seeing how happy this makes people, the woman below slowly walked by, taking pictures and smile getting bigger and bigger as she passed me.  people pausing for a moment as they go by, smiling, snapping a picture, calling a friend.. my heart is warmed by this and by seeing the people who needed scarves excitedly and gratefully accepting them.  i heart nyc!!


2 thoughts on “1.31.2010

  1. i just heard about neil’s hat turning up in the pile of freebies at the gandhi warming site all the way in manhattan a day after losing it in williamsburg. most excellent gandhi karma!! hurrah!

    seeing so many people touched by the installation must feel fantastic. well done, tippens!

  2. isn’t that crazy about his hat? maybe it ran back to gandhi :]

    thank you so much for all holly, it is truly an awesome feeling, want to do again!!!!!!!

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