what a wonderful, magical, happy event!!

i will write more & post more pics in the morn, quickly though, i can’t tell you how happy i am with the turnout of this warming.  everything really came together, the sitar player was wonderful, it was really so fun, and it was such a pleasure to do.  i didn’t anticipate how happy the giving of the scarves would make me, is truly such a wonderful feeling.  as of now gandhi’s scarf and hat are still up & it would be lovely if it may stay for a while!  watching passers-by smile and laugh as passing, taking photos, sharing w/ their friends, it has filled me w/ joy to see.  it was a beautiful hour or so as the installation unfolded and i am elated to see that this feeling continues.

flickr links here: nikki priceholly brown, mark crosby/tippy tippens [moi]


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