only one day away, 25 hours!!

it’s freeezing cold [although nowhere as bad as wisconsin] the sun is shining, & wrapping up last minute details for gifting gandhi his scarf and hat tomorrow.  continuing my snow dance, phone ringer still set to flurry, my dear friends have trekked up/ made this warming pilgrimage with me, my belly will soon be full of a deelish slice & more coffee, love the apartment swap in the beautiful carroll gardens, am so happy to be in nyc, where i feel the most at home out of anywhere else, here and amsterdam.  i am part dutch, makes sense..

run on sentence anyone?  best news!! sitar player is on for tomorrow! thank you to gian carlo!!!!! although he says if it is this frigid tomorrow he may as well tie a rubber band to a toothpick, ha!  am visualizing pretty snow flurries in humane temperatures and will knit his sitar a sweater!

off to scope out the scene at union square & dine in jackson heights! :]


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