a lovely process

as far as environments for working on a project goes, it’s tough to beat being curled up in your favorite chair w/ a movie, pug, and a blanket!  unfortunately.. it is tough to read and knit, although one time i got an enlarged print book from the library to try, that worked pretty well.

i can’t say enough how incredibly relaxing knitting is and how great for your mind.  i feel so fortunate for having learned how, thank you K1-D2!!

this picture strikes me as a very different scene to what much of my experience has been, no wood dust flying, wearing winter wear in a cold shop while sanding or eyeballs strapped to a computer.  it’s also so nice to have the instant gratification and having the pleasure of doing something real, instead of working in illustrator or waiting for a rendering to finish..the work for this project has been a lot of time spent as well as learning a new skill and so very enjoyable the whole time.

[in the foreground: movies, hat, books, pattern, measuring tape;
in the background: scarf, pug under blanket, all on a snowy da


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