gandhi, my father – the film, he’s not my father..

film told from the perspective of one of gandhi’s children, harilal, written and directed by feroz khan.  harilal had a very painful relationship with his father and basically struggled with an identity crisis during his entire life.  his father wanted him to work with him in his missions and hari wanted to go to study at the university to become a barrister and stand upon on his own feet.  he was disowned by gandhi several times and would disappear into india to work, be with and take care of his own family, and to try to formulate his own life as he wanted.  his wife died at an early age and he fell into drinking for escape. the movie is pretty good, the story being most interesting.

this film gives a window into his wife kasturba also, who really is only seen as a cameo in ‘Gandhi’.  gandhi was father to india, those who were closest to him dealt with and sacrificed much.

link to idmb & trailer

image © anil kapoor films company


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